Del-Frunessa's Goldendoodles
Specializing English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodles
Donald & Shawna Horner
Hi, Thank you for your interests in our wonderful Goldendoodle babies! We specialize in English "Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. Here is some information about us, our dogs, and our breeding practices:

Our English "Teddy bear" Goldendoodles range in price of $2000-$4000 for any shade of cream/golden/white with most being $2500-$3500. Blacks/silver are $1000-$3000. Parti colors, brindles, sable/phantom are $1000-$3500. Depending on coat, curl, size & sex. Older babies maybe more or less depending on size, sex, look, pedigree, & training.
Non- refundable Deposits are $700.
Some times we will have a older, un trained puppy for a discounted price. As well as older potty trained, obedience trained puppies for more.

All our puppies come with:
~ Dewormed Bi-weekly
~All age appropriate vaccinations
~Pediatric SPAY/NEUTER
~2 year written health guarantee
~Started on Heart Guard & Frontline or Revolution
~Puppy starter pack that will include: Lead, flat collar, training collar, & toy
~ All our babies are fully evaluated and checked many times by our vet.
~All our parent dogs being fully health tested for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, thyroid, SA, & vWD. Certified with OFA, CERF, CHIC, & more.
~All our Golden Retrievers are 100% full English Golden Retrievers.


We will have just a select few English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle Puppies available due 2015/2016.
Taking reservations now!


Check with us to see if we have any litters coming.
As we plan to pair our CH. sired standard poodle "DeBon Aire" with a few of our amazing full English Golden Retrievers females. Our new, smaller, full English Golden Retriever girls: Divine, Prada, & Bayjah will have babies in the 40-65 pound range full grown. Our larger full English Golden Retriever girls: Jeneva & MaHana, will have babies in the 55-85 pound range full grown. DeBon Aire is pointed in the AKC show arena, he is CH sired & comes from the highest bloodlines anywhere. DeBon Aire, his parents, siblings, off spring, grandparents, great grand parents, & so on for many generations are all health tested & certified including OFA good or excellent hips. His babies have an abundance of coat & outstanding English "Teddy bear" look.



Our babies are family raised. They are born right in our home & remain there, being part of our daily lives until they are 9-10 wks old. They are well socialized before leaving. We have three small children that handled them daily. We are there to hand deliver each one. Some moms need more assistance then others. But we are always right there. Mom and babies are part of our family. They get to hear everyday sounds and sights. All our babies are fully evaluated and checked many times by our vet. We have been breeding Goldendoodles since 2002. We have our babies in some amazing homes. We have been very blessed by GOD!!! We give all glory and honor to JESUS!! 

Our deposits are $700. They are non refundable should we hold a spot for you and you change your mind. They are fully refundable or transferable to another litter if we do not have enough babies available in the litter you reserved in. Balances are due BEFORE your baby is 6 wks old. This is to ensure we have time for all payments to clear before the babies are ready to go home. If your balance is not received by 6 wks then your puppy will not be able to go home with you until two weeks after we receive it. Unless you pay the balance by bank transfer or money wire with cash or credit card. We accept personal check, paypal, money order, cashiers check, bank check, and bank transfer for the deposit. If for some reason you are not happy with your baby your deposit can be moved to a future litter up to one year. We must know with in a reasonable time frame so we can place your puppy with a new family. Please do not just send in a deposits with out first talking to us. Any baby that would be reserved at 6 wks of age or later requires full payment at the time of reservation.

If you reserve & take home a puppy from us. Then with in a few days to a wk all the sudden decide you weren't ready for puppy hood or the responsibility of potty training a puppy. Then we will take them back however we will only refund half your purchase price. You will need to make arrangment with us that works with our schedule to bring the puppy back (with in the the first 2 days after you took them). If the puppy has been altered in any way (shaved down, hair cut off, not exercised properly, feed well, given care & attention while in your care or harmed in any way then it will be less). So please make sure you are ready for the commitment of owning a puppy before you purchase one from us or any other breeder for that matter! A puppy is a life long commitment & requires attention, love, food, grooming, training, medical care & more.

~ Shipping ~
All though we prefer not to ship. We do understand the need to do so for families living a great distance. So due to that need we do offer safe shipping for $400 extra. This covers all airline fees, the create & health certificate needed for shipping, insurance on shipping & delivery of your baby to the airport. The break down of these fees is as follows:
$55 health cerf and office exam from our vet needed for the airlines,
$50-75 airline approved create along with clip on dishes bought from Wal-Mart, Pet Smart or so on. *most crates are no longer coming with the dishes & they must be bought for about $8-$10 a dish
$280-$360 (depending on airline used & Size of crate) for medium size create for a puppy weighing 20 pounds or less at time of shipping. If your puppy is older and weighs more the shipping fees will increase.
We ship out of the Columbus Ohio airport. We make all the arrangements for you. We then e-mail or call you with the ship dates and times available, you pick what fits your schedule best. We book it and provide you with all the details. All airlines require that we not book a flight until 7 or LESS days from actual ship date. So your puppies flight arrangements can not be made until 1wk or less before they fly out to you.

We take pictures of your baby about every two weeks and up date the pictures on our web site or email them to you. We also take video of the babies & send this to you. If there comes a time when we are extremely busy we will always choose to spend time with the puppies and socialize over taking pictures.

Our babies are picked in order of deposits received. If you are the third deposit received then you will pick third in the litter you reserved on and so on. Picks are made at around 9 wks of age when pups are ready to go to their new homes. We will designate one weekend (usually a Fri/Saturday)when the puppies are 9-10 wks old for families to come here and make their picks. This pick out and take home date will be provided to you at the time the litter your puppy is in is born. This way you will have 2 months (8 wks) to plan to make this date fit in your schedule. (If for some reason you just can not make this take home date then we can make arrangements otherwise for you)
We will start picks at 10am starting with the first deposit reservation family and so on until we get to the last pick. You will not be able to come and pick before those ahead of you on the list have picked. (example: if you are number 3rd pick on the list you can not come pick until numbers 1 & 2 have picked) If for some reason you can not make it here for your pick time and the pick date then you will have to pick by photos or allow us to pick for you.
We will provide each family with our impute on what puppy would best suit their family and personality traits we have observed. Families are more then welcome to come here and visit the litter their pups are in once they have been vaccinated after 7 wks of age. However no picks will be made until they are 9 wks of age. If you come to visit before they are 8 wks of age you will need to come back for the pick out and pick up date. If a family lives to far to come and make their pick in person then we will be able to make your pick for you or you can pick by pictures and personality details provided to you. If a family is high on the list in pick order and they already know who they want by pictures before the pups are 8 wks of age then they can do so. (however you may not change your pick later.) When families come for the pick dates we will provide a "play room" for you to come and play with the pups left available for pick in your litter. Please wear clean older cloths to play with and pick your puppy. Please use the rest room BEFORE coming as we may have a younger, non vaccinated litter here that we would not want to cross contaminate with the older vaccinated litter. Also please DO NOT visit pet stores/pet smart or other areas where you could come in contact with other un vaccinated puppies/dogs before coming on our property. We take every precaution to make sure our babies are healthy and we want to keep it that way.
After you have picked your puppy he/she will be able to go home with your family that day. For our families that need shipping. You can pick by photos and our detailed temperament evaluation of the puppies that we will go over with you. Or we can pick for you as well. We will make shipping arrangements the week they are ready to go and will provide to you all the flight details.

We have a wonderful close family that we work with to be a guardian home when needed. We like to be able to fully socialize and spend the right amount of time with each one of our babies. So in the event that a number of our adult female dogs cycled (came into heat) at the same time, then we will ask our guardian family to take a litter or two. This family is very knowledgeable and have had experience rearing pets. They have a deep love for animals and look forward to being able to share in the joy of raising newborn babies. We work very closely with this family to ensure they are following our strict guide line of raising our babies. Our babies will be born here with us whelping the litter. Once we know mom and babies are off to a great start our guardian family will then take them at to their home. They will keep mom and babies in their main home and handle them daily. We stop by weekly at the least for visits and to check on the babies. We will also be picking them up for vet appointments, to deworm, and take bi-weekly pictures. This is a wonderful opportunity to always be able to provide each and every baby born here special, individualized attention.
UPDATE Aug 2013- We no longer have guardian homes as we have gone down to only a couple of adult dogs & no longer need this.

We have a written 2 year health guarantee that is available with all our babies. To see this guarantee ask for it to be e-mailed or faxed to you. You will receive a copy in your puppy packet as well.  

We are happy to show off all our health testing!! We have spent thousands of dollars and lots of time and energy taking parent dogs to clinics, OSU and our vets for health testing. For every parent dog that we have on our site that passes health testing we have gone through at least three who failed tests, was not up to our standard of a breeding dog, and did not make it into our breeding program. All health testing results and paperwork are available to all our clients if needed. We have also added links on our Mom & Dads page under each parent dog that will link directly to OFA so you can view the testing we have done. Some dogs have had their hips tested under 2 yrs of age and so their "OFA prelim" rating will not show on the web site. For these dogs you can request a copy of their OFA prelim report to see their results. Just ask and we will be happy to provide this. Their other tests such as eye CERF, vWd, SA, OFA heart, thyroid. and patellas will show on the OFA site if tested under 2 yrs of age. Hips and elbows are the only tests that do not show on the OFA web site if done under 2 yrs of age. We always test a dog before adding him/her to our breeding program. If we acquire a dog after 2 yrs of age and they pass they will show on the OFA web site. If we acquire a dog under the age of 2 we still tests the hips and elbows as we don't want to add them to our breeding program if they will not pass. Please see our mom & dads page to see these tests.

We are about 1 hour northwest of Columbus Oh / 1 hr 45 min south of Toledo Oh / 2.5 hrs northwest of Cincinnati Oh/ 3 hrs. from Indiapolis IN/ 4 hrs. from Pittsburg PA.